CHIPS Act Clears Congress to Boost Semiconductor Production | Sync Up Still have trouble finding the newest tech on store shelves? Congress aims to provide some relief as it recently cleared the CHIPS Act, potentially ...
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Amazon Recycles Small Electronics for Free | Sync Up Consumer electronics account for 70 percent of the toxic waste in landfills today. Fortunately, there are several services that will help you responsibly recycle ...
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Hackers Impersonate Cybersecurity Firms to Trick Victims | Sync Up Can you really trust your cybersecurity partner? Recent events reveal that imposters are now running amuck, posing as security experts, in hopes of breaching ...
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Apple’s Lockdown Mode Aims to Prevent iPhone Eavesdropping | Sync Up We’ve all heard the joke that technology is listening to every word we speak. But, in 2022, state-backed hackers have taken that saying to ...
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FBI Warns of Scammers Using Deepfakes in Remote Job Interviews | Sync Up It’s not uncommon for job applicants to lie on their resumes. But what if technology allowed job seekers to take this as step further? ...
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Microsoft Retires Internet Explorer | How to Switch Browsers | Sync Up In life, all good things must eventually come to an end. Today, we say farewell to the grandfather of web browsing, Internet Explorer. We’ll ...
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Microsoft Tests OneNote Redesign for Windows 11 | Sync Up

Jun 1, 2022

When it comes to Microsoft apps, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint tend to get all the love. But now, that’s changing as Microsoft tests a huge overhaul coming to its collaboration app, OneNote.

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Tesla Bluetooth Hack Can Unlock & Steal Your Car | Sync Up

May 25, 2022

Own a Tesla? You might want to check your driveway to see if it’s still there as hackers now have a new way to unlock and steal these cars from miles away. We’ll not only look at how this crime occurs, but also give you a simple means to protect your Tesla as we sit down and sync up with Rocket IT’s weekly technology update.

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Google Launches Virtual Credit Cards to Keep Your Real Ones Secure | Sync Up

May 17, 2022

Credit card fraud has increased 161 percent in the last five years. Now, with Google’s announcement of virtual credit cards, shoppers will soon have a more secure way to purchase items online.

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Will Passwords Ever Go Away? Apple, Google, & Microsoft Think So | Sync Up

May 12, 2022

Struggle to remember your passwords? Say goodbye to those mental blocks as Apple, Google, and Microsoft are uniting to launch a concept known as passwordless login.

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Was Coca-Cola’s Recipe Stolen? | Hackers Claim a Data Breach | Sync Up

May 3, 2022

Ever wondered what’s included in Coca-Cola’s top-secret recipe? While it’s likely the world will never know, the soft drink giant is currently investigating claims of a breach that potentially compromised sensitive business information.

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LinkedIn Becomes Most Impersonated Brand in Phishing Scams | Sync Up

Apr 27, 2022

Receive an unsolicited message on LinkedIn? Chances are it could be a scam as LinkedIn is now the number one brand impersonated in online phishing scams.

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Are You Really Muted in Video Conferencing Apps? | Sync Up

Apr 20, 2022

A new study found that muting your mic in a video conference call does little to prevent most apps from secretly recording your voice.

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Microsoft Reveals New Features for Windows 11 | Sync Up

Apr 12, 2022

Hesitant to make the leap to Windows 11? Well, Microsoft is here to sweeten the deal with an array of new features making their way onto the operating system later this year.

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Verizon Customers Receive Spam Texts From Their Own Numbers | Sync Up

Apr 4, 2022

Over the last week, millions of Verizon customers have received suspicious looking text messages that appear to come from their own phone numbers. But who’s sending these texts, why do they come from your own number, and is it safe to click the included link?

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