Case Studies

Virtual CIO (Case Story)

Rocket IT

You’re a global supplier
Your award-winning, family-operated company has been a manufacturer in the metals industry, offering products and services for over half a century.

And you’re in the middle of a major enterprise resource planning project when your vendor comes back with a new timeline… and a much bigger price tag
The software development vendor originally quoted the project at $300,000; but, two months in, they’re now saying it looks like the scope of the project will require another year and an additional $800,000 dollars to complete, with no guarantees.

Rocket IT is there to help you make strategic decisions for your organization
Rocket IT’s vCIO helped this client thrive by cutting out unnecessary scope items and working directly with the software development vendor, reducing the cost of the project by $110,000.

Now you have the right custom ERP in place to increase your efficiency
With Rocket IT’s vCIO acting as a passionate steward for your team, your organization can stay focused on producing superior products and services while still leveraging your technology to meet your unique business goals.





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Case Studies

Hewlett Packard Recall (Case Story)

Rocket IT

Your organization focuses on helping adolescents and young adults in need
Your agency has several locations across metro Atlanta dedicated to providing counseling, medication management, and crisis stabilization services to those in need. For many, you have been a true mental health hero and advocate in the region.

But some of your laptops have a dangerous defect…and you don’t know it
Hewlett Packard has issued a recall on the battery of over 100,000 laptops, and your team is at risk. This battery defect can turn your laptop into a potential fire and burn hazard.

Rocket IT notifies you of the recall and handles the replacement for you
We know that it’s mission critical for your equipment to operate safely and efficiently. Before our clients were even aware of the issue, we were reaching out to them and acting as liaison between our clients and Hewlett Packard to identify any affected devices and replace them before an issue could arise.

You can continue your mission critical work uninterrupted
When you partner with Rocket IT, we keep an eye on critical IT news and updates that may affect your team both in the office and at home, so you can stay focused on your mission. Some call it overkill. We call it best practices.




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Case Studies

Cloud Transition (Case Story)

Rocket IT

You’re a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children and families through times of crisis
For over 30 years, your organization has served as Georgia’s principal family reunification program across 28 counties in North Georgia and Metro Atlanta. Your initiative program provides counsel and assistance to ministries serving families with children through the United States and beyond.

You want to make the move to the cloud, but your current internet connection won’t support it
Like many other organizations, you feel it’s time to transition to the cloud. But your current internet solution is tenuous at best, and the cost to run cables the necessary 2,000 feet to get a solid connection is estimated at $70,000.

Rocket IT has your back
The large scope and big price tag associated with the project to bring this nonprofit’s connection up to speed was a huge roadblock. So Rocket IT’s vCIO met with the nonprofit’s internet service provider (ISP) and negotiated a deal so that the ISP would run 1,700 feet of the cable on their own dime. The charity was then able to find a contractor willing to donate time and labor to run a cable for the remaining 300 feet, at no cost to the organization.

Life is good in the cloud
Now you can continue focusing on what’s mission critical: guiding children and families through difficult times. With your organization moving collaboration, educational, and accounting systems to the cloud, and a great new internet connection to boot, you can continue helping others as the foremost family reconciliation program in North Georgia.




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Case Studies

Network Infrastructure (Case Story)

Rocket IT

You’re a large healthcare agency with 18 locations across the state
Your team provides care for people with behavioral health and developmental disabilities. You’ve been repeatedly recognized for your excellence in counseling, medication management, recovery and crisis stabilization services.

But your network infrastructure is failing
Two of your critical hard drives have just died, causing most of your servers to fail, including your Microsoft Exchange server. Over 270 of your employees are affected.

You call in Rocket IT and get up and running again
This healthcare agency was scheduled to move from their previous IT company and start support with Rocket IT later in the week, but when they reached out to us with a crisis, we stepped in early, working around the clock to fix and replace hardware and restore their servers from backups, getting their employees back up and helping patients again within 48 hours.

Now you have the infrastructure in place so you can focus on what you do best: helping others
The organization continues to make bold strides in the mental health sphere in Georgia. They’re acting as a driving force for change in policies and initiatives. Now they can do so with all of their employees operating at 100% with proactive support from Rocket IT.



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Shumate Mechanical (Case Story)

Rocket IT

You’re the CIO of a large contractor
You’re the CIO of one of the largest privately-held mechanical contracting and service firms in the southeast. With a 30-year reputation for outstanding service to protect, staying on top of security is mission critical.

You’ve become aware of a vulnerability on some of your workstations
You come across a recent article alerting you to a vulnerability created by QuickTime, a program you know is on several of your users’ computers. You identify the workstations affected by the program and send an e-mail to your strategic IT partner.

You’re already secure with Rocket IT
When Shumate Mechanical followed up with us about this vulnerability, we had already identified the affected workstations and had created and run a script to remove the problem. We were able to immediately provide Shumate Mechanical with a list of workstations that had already been completed and workstations that were still in the process.

You can keep focused on what’s mission critical
When you partner with Rocket IT for your IT strategy and support, we stay on top of industry news and trends, working proactively behind the scenes for you so you can stay focused on what’s important. It’s like neighborhood watch for your network.





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Case Studies

Southern Aluminum Finishing (Case Story)

Rocket IT

You’re a global supplier
For over half a century, your family-owned and operated company has been a premier source for aluminum finishing products and services. Your technology needs to be able to keep up with you.

And your servers are aging out
When your servers need to be replaced, you have a decision. Get new hardware or make the switch to the cloud. Buying new equipment means a larger upfront cost, and you’ll run into the same issue again when that new hardware becomes outdated. To SAF, the choice was clear. Cloud was the way of the future, and their particular future lay with Amazon Web Services, thanks to Amazon’s excellent reputation.

You decide to make the change to the cloud
Once SAF made their decision to switch to the cloud, they called in Rocket IT to make the transition, and we were quickly able to migrate their servers. Switching to the cloud reduced the up-front capital costs by over 70% and gave them incredible scalability, allowing them to only pay for what they need. What could potentially lock SAF into a datacenter contract for years was turned into a far more flexible month-to-month contract.

Rocket IT handles the migration and gets everything running efficiently
Since Rocket IT moved SAF’s servers over to Amazon Web Services, they have even more customization. “It saved us tens of thousands of dollars in hardware cost, and we have much more flexibility going forward,” said Jim McClatchey, co-CEO of SAF. “It was a learning process for [Rocket IT] as well as us, but it went smoothly.”


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EQUIP Leadership (Case Story)

Rocket IT

You’re busy changing the world
EQUIP Leadership is a non-profit that trains Christian leaders all over the world. They’ve got a huge vision, but a small team – and no IT department. With multiple conferences to run, a curriculum to maintain, and a global training program, they need “all systems go” all the time.

But your hard drives are failing … and you don’t even know it
Rocket IT is all about strategic foresight, not just break/fix hindsight. That’s why we invested in a leading edge tool that helps detect potential IT problems before they happen. And that’s what enabled us to detect several hard drives in “predictive failure state” for EQUIP Leadership.

Rocket IT resolves the problem before any damage is done
Had these hard drives failed, it would have been a serious setback to the organization. Thanks to this new system, we were able to catch the problem in time. We replaced the drives under warranty before any downtime or data loss occurred.

Now you can stay focused on your mission
With Rocket IT continually monitoring their mission critical systems, EQUIP Leadership can stay focused on their global mission – without worrying about IT failures.

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Shumate Mechanical (Case Story)

Rocket IT

You’re a large contractor with a strong reputation
You’re not just any HVAC company. You’re one of the largest privately-held mechanical contracting and service firms in the southeast. With a 30-year reputation for outstanding service, staying on top of customer needs is number one.

Your important files are being held hostage
Out of the blue, you get a popup on your computer screen alerting you that your files are being held hostage and demanding a sum of send money in order to get them back. You can’t care for customers without access to your data. So what do you do?

You call in Rocket IT and get your files back within hours
As soon as Shumate Mechanical notified us of the problem, we immediately put four of our top engineers on it – two onsite and two working from our office. We applied an extensive search across their networks. Within six hours we had located the virus, resolved the problem, and retrieved all of their files.

Now you have the knowledge to stay safe
We’re now providing Shumate with ongoing user education on information security to help prevent this from happening again. With 31% of cyber attacks aimed at small businesses, we do whatever it takes to make sure our clients are protected.

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