Improving Security for Cyber Insurance Coverage


Improving Security for Cyber Insurance Coverage


You’re a religious governing body

As a religious organization, you are driven to always be honest and do the right thing, and the public holds you to a high ethical standard as well.

And you’re trying to obtain cyber insurance

Insurance agencies don’t just hand these policies out. Your insurer wants to know what you’re currently doing to keep sensitive data safe and avoid IT security breaches. As you fill out their questionnaire, you answer each question honestly and realize you need to do more in order to make sure the information others have trusted you with is kept safe and sound.

Rocket IT is here to help you fill the gaps so you can tighten up your data security

Our vCIO worked directly with this client and its existing IT company to focus on improving the security of the organization so they could obtain insurance coverage to protect the organization from liability in the event of a breach and help them avoid downtime and lost data. We not only gave attention to the infrastructure in place to ensure it was properly updated, but also focused on the processes and employees training necessary to avoid an event that could pose a cyber security threat. By taking these proactive steps, our client’s cyber insurance rates are lower but more importantly, their security is stronger, their organization is safer, and their team feels more confident.

We are also here to help plan for the unexpected and train your team
Our ongoing work in this partnership includes writing the technical details of the organization’s disaster recovery plan, as well as security trainings for their team. We also provide phishing testing on a continuing basis. Studies suggest that out of untrained employees, about 27% will click on a phishing link, but after one year of focused training, that percentage is reduced to about 2%, confirming the importance of solid education and training.

Now you have peace of mind

This organization now has peace of mind because they have put a system into place to protect the sensitive data they obtain and have updated their software, and they will have a disaster recovery plan in place outlining what to do if a security breach takes place. Plus, they have the support of Rocket IT’s vCIO to help keep their team up-to-date on security training while the entire organization focuses on what they do best.

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