Here's what your neighbors are saying.


Jennifer Hibbard

CEO, View Point Health

“Rocket IT is a true partner who we can count on to keep our services available to the community. Rocket IT is different than other IT vendors in that they really grow with your organization. They really become a part of the team. We don’t even have to think about IT anymore, so that’s been the best part.”


Jeff Adams

CFO, Wolverton & Associates

“Wolverton wasn’t in the market for a full-time CIO, but we did need someone to help us think more strategically about technology. Rocket IT worked with us to create a roadmap that our leadership team believes in, and now they are helping us execute that plan. Their vCIO engagement allows me to feel confident about how and why we invest in technology, and I am thankful to Eric and his team for that.”

ecelectric logo

Brian Kelleher

President, EC Electric

“Rocket IT has been a great partner for EC Electric. Not only are they a leader for IT support, but they go to great lengths to understand your business and its technology needs to make it better. It has been a pleasure working with the entire Rocket IT Team over the last several years."

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Suzanne Hill

President, NEMA

“I am so glad we got Rocket IT involved in our operation. Your people and your concepts have made a huge difference for us here at NEMA. I look forward to working together for a long time to come.”

The buzz continues

"I really appreciate the thoroughness of the opinion and information provided. Really nice! That's the kind of information I can use to help implement change."

Rachael W.

"I just want to put out there how pleased I am with the service I received, and the professionalism your employee exhibited was excellent. He listened to and answered my questions without talking over me. Some companies are so busy trying to get out production/tickets, the techs try to finish your thoughts for you, and I never feel that way with Rocket IT Techs."

Jerrie B.

"My experience with Rocket IT support has never failed me. Their expertise as well as patience & kindness have always been top-notch."

Patricia S.

"Love the customer service and speedy response. You guys are doing a great job, and we are all so pleased that we made the switch."

Melissa S.

"Even with staff working off site, Rocket IT got my ticket created, submitted, and handled within just a few minutes of calling. Thank you so much for always being so courteous and efficient!"

Falesha R.

What makes us different

Our services are built around people instead of technology.

You care a whole lot more about productivity and happy customers than the latest version of Windows and Ethernet LAN interfaces.

We do too.

Ultimately, your solutions are built on how you can work at the airport, or how your clients interact with you online, or how your field service teams access the info they need. It's a completely different starting place than simply asking which devices or servers you use.

We provide strategic foresight, not just break/fix hindsight.

Traditional IT support was built on a break/fix mindset. It was all about being able to react quickly when something went wrong and minimize the downtime.

This is still important. But it's not the whole story anymore.

Organizations get more done when they take a strategic approach to IT. Let's get you started on that roadmap to success.

Our team offers you a new standard for trust and accountability.

This is a tough one. Anybody can talk a good game. But trust only comes from knowing people well - people like your colleagues and neighbors.

We live, work, and play in the neighborhoods we serve. We know the community. The community knows us.

So even if you don't know Rocket IT yet, one of your neighbors probably does.