We help people

This is the driving purpose behind Rocket IT. The words are so simple that they can come across as trite. But make no mistake; helping people is at the heart of every decision we make.

We live and breathe our core values.

Connect with people.

To truly help people, we must first take the time to understand them.
For example, our technologists focus first on the people they are there to help, listening and asking good questions, before diving in to resolve technical issues.

Find a better way.

We don’t believe it’s possible to achieve perfection, but we absolutely believe in continual improvement. We hire people who are naturally curious, and we celebrate improvements of all kinds.

Be passionate stewards.

Our clients depend on us not only to protect their confidential data and proprietary information, but to also take the time to understand their greater business goals and help them use their technology to its greatest potential, being good stewards of their resources and investments.

Have a blast!

And we do. Every day. Come to our office and you’ll take a spin in our “Spun” chair, enjoy some tasty treats from our café, and possibly have to dodge one or two soft projectiles. We spend time together during company outings, and we laugh. A LOT!

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We empower people through human connections and better IT.

Our mission is simple, but the way we do it is game-changing for our clients and fulfilling for our team.

Meet Our Team

  • Matt Hyatt

    Founder and CEO

  • Eric Henderson

    Vice President of Technology

  • Ryan Bonilla

    Vice President of Sales

  • Abbey Johnson

    Chief of Staff

  • Patrick Richardt

    Service Manager

  • Tyler Priest

    Systems Administrator

  • Emily Connolly

    Project Manager

  • Bria Soyele

    Service Manager

  • Elex Huneycutt

    Project Support Technician

  • Garin Honson

    Support Technician

  • Devon McLean

    Project Engineer

  • Barb O'Harra

    Service Coordinator

  • Chris Swinson

    Marketing Specialist

  • Ernestina Ofori

    Desktop Technician

  • Youssef Henien

    Support Technician

  • Colleen Frangos

    Community Relationship Coordinator

  • Rubin St Juste

    Systems Engineer

  • Karl Baker

    Senior Systems Engineer

  • CJ Trevino

    Support Technician

  • Shana Smith

    Office Administrator