New Ransomware Evades Modern Antivirus Software
For those businesses operating in a Windows environment, a new malware threatens to encrypt and ransom sensitive information; all while going undetected by standard antivirus ...
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Office 365 Is Now Microsoft 365 | Here’s What Changed
As of April 21, 2020, Microsoft has officially launched the rebranding of Office 365; with the subscription-based platform now falling under the company’s Microsoft 365 ...
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How to Prevent Zoombombing | Zoom Settings to Change
Meetings, classes, and networking events; a few of the common social gatherings that have felt the brutal impact inflicted by recent physical distancing ordinances. And ...
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Zoom Easter Eggs: Hidden Features of the Video Conferencing Platform
❗ Update Your Zoom Security Settings As Zoom’s developers continue to update the back-end security of the video-conferencing application, new settings allow individuals to mitigate ...
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A Business Continuity Checklist (Ft. Eric Henderson) – Ep. 12 Rocket IT Podcast
As you read this, organizations around the world have already begun to adapt to a new normal of conducting business. But through this sudden and ...
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Thrive Gwinnett | An Ecosystem of Water Innovation

Nov 23, 2020

While creating a hub for innovation is not for the faint of heart, a dedicated team of pioneers at The Water Tower are looking to accomplish just that with their progressive Gwinnett County campus.

With a mission fueled by imagination and informed by research, CEO, Melissa Meeker is helping both public and private industry leaders reenvision the future of water-saving technology.

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Black Friday Tech Deals

Nov 19, 2020

With so many Black Friday deals already available and more on the way, which technology should you consider purchasing, and what should you hold out on?

To help you decide, Rocket IT has prepared a 2020 Black Friday buying guide; highlighting the best offers on some of our team’s favorite pieces of technology.

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Thrive Gwinnett | Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Oct 21, 2020

With October being Cybersecurity Awareness Month, what a better time than now to take a look at some of the new and peculiar threats that you may unknowingly come in contact with on a daily basis.

In this episode of Thrive Gwinnett, we sit down with two of Rocket IT’s in-house security experts, Eric Henderson and Patrick Richardt.

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United States Charges Russian Hackers

Oct 21, 2020

Recently, the United States Department of Justice charged six Russian military officials for conspiring in a Russian cyberwarfare operation known as Sandworm.

Now, those allegations have reached the public eye and Russia is being held responsible for sabotaging national economies, interrupting government elections, covering up weapon testing, and more.

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What Is a Zombie Computer?

Oct 14, 2020

Do you sometimes think your computer has a mind of its own? As it turns out, it just might!

With Halloween right around the corner, here’s a spooky tale of zombie viruses, and how hackers are using this form of malware to take complete control of technologies and their resources.

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What Happens When You Download an Email Attachment?

Oct 13, 2020

When opening an email and clicking the attachment held inside, do you ever think about what goes on behind the scenes; before and after that file is clicked?

If you’ve left your inbox and device unsecured, it’s likely that you click, cross your fingers, and hope you can trust the source. But let’s say you’ve invested in cybersecurity. What happens next?

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Essential Password Security | Part Three

Sep 29, 2020

So far in this video series, we’ve given you ground rules for better passwords and told you which ones to memorize.

Now it’s time to learn how to create, store, and access all the rest of your passwords.

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What’s New in iOS 14 | Hidden Features

Sep 22, 2020

After three months of beta testing, Apple officially launched iOS 14 on September 16 for those individuals owning an iPhone model 6s or later.

Being the technology enthusiasts that we are, members of the Rocket IT staff spent the past few months delving deep into the beta; compiling a list of our favorite features that the new operating system ushers in.

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Essential Password Security | Part Two

Sep 15, 2020

In the last video, we left you with a long list of requirements to keep yourself secure.

Now, let’s start putting that plan into action and take a look at what it takes to craft the ultimate, secure password.

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