Microsoft, Amazon, & Google Suspend Cloud Sales in Russia | Sync Up When the Russian government invaded Ukraine, many global businesses suspended sales across the country. Now, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are next in line to ...
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Toyota Production Recovers After a Supplier Was Hacked | Sync Up On the search for a new car? Your already difficult journey just hit another speed bump as Toyota is recovering from a recent cyber ...
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Rocket IT Hosts E-cycle Earth Day Event
Add to iCalendar Add to Google Calendar Gwinnett County (METRO ATLANTA) GA – This Earth Day, the Rocket IT team is rolling up its sleeves ...
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Russia vs Ukraine | Hackers Are Taking Sides | Sync Up There’s no denying that cyber warfare coincides with traditional military tactics. And now, with the Russian government’s invasion of the Ukraine, hacking groups across ...
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Hackers Sneak Into Microsoft Teams to Spread Malware | Sync Up With 62 percent of businesses operating partially or fully remote, collaboration tools, like Microsoft Teams, have become a necessity. Unfortunately, hackers are fully aware ...
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Google Reduces Hacks by 50% After Pushing Two-Step Verification | Sync Up Late last year, Google set some audacious goals when it came to securing the nearly 2 billion accounts of its users. And while the ...
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How a Teen Hacked Uber & Why They Did It | Sync Up

Sep 19, 2022

Recently, well-known businesses have found themselves hacked by teens. Now, Uber is the latest to fall victim to a new generation of cyber criminals.

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iPhone 14 Has No SIM Card Tray | Pros & Cons of eSIM | Sync Up

Sep 13, 2022

With Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 14 comes a variety of new features, but also the removal of the device’s long-standing SIM card slot. Here’s why Apple is making the switch to eSIM.

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James Webb Telescope Images Used to Spread Malware | Sync Up

Sep 7, 2022

The new images NASA has released of space are filled with beauty, and now, potentially malware. Here’s why hackers are lacing Webb Telescope images with viruses.

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Hackers Compromise Over 130 Major Companies | Sync Up

Sep 1, 2022

With over 130 companies, including some major online retailers, falling victim to a recent hack, here’s what you need to know to keep your personal information safe.

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Zoom Fixes Security Issue That Let Hackers Hijack Macs | Sync Up

Aug 24, 2022

Using Zoom on your Mac or MacBook? If so, you’ll want to update the app right away as a new security flaw could give hackers complete control over your device.

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Microsoft Redesigns OneDrive’s Home Page for Its 15th Anniversary | Sync Up

Aug 16, 2022

Microsoft’s OneDrive just turned 15 and the tech giant is celebrating by giving the file-sharing platform a much-needed facelift.

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Microsoft Teams on Mac Is Now Optimized for Apple Silicon | Sync Up

Aug 9, 2022

Apple’s newest Macs offer speedy load times, thanks to their silicon chips. But some non-native apps, like Microsoft Teams, haven’t taken full advantage of the new tech. That is, until now.

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CHIPS Act Clears Congress to Boost Semiconductor Production | Sync Up

Aug 3, 2022

Still have trouble finding the newest tech on store shelves? Congress’s CHIPS Act aims to provide relief, potentially bringing $52 billion in funding to U.S. semiconductor manufacturers.

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Amazon Recycles Small Electronics for Free | Sync Up

Jul 27, 2022

Consumer electronics account for 70 percent of the toxic waste in landfills today. Fortunately, Amazon’s recycling program is here to help you responsibly dispose of e-waste for free.

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