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Originally joining the company as Rocket IT’s Office Manager in 2017, Bria Soyele has flourished within Rocket IT’s culture, quickly earning the title of Account Manager. In that role, she developed long term relationships within our client base, ensuring the timely and successful delivery of our solutions according to their needs and objectives. After being promoted to Service Manager in 2020, Bria is now responsible for developing and overseeing the strategic foresight, security initiatives, and proactive support that Rocket IT delivers to our customers daily.  


As an ISFJ, Bria is a problem solving, go-getter that can easily empathize with our clients when they express what is necessary for their company to thrive. Bria wants to push our team to be the best they can be, helping them continue their education with certifications and classes.  


Rocket IT’s core value, Be a Passionate Steward, is something that Bria carries out daily through making sure she is providing the right resources and has the right team in place to intentionally show our clients the value we bring to their organization. Internally, Bria is passionate about consistently modeling a strong work ethic for her team. 


Bria has a Bachelor's in Psychology from Augusta University. She is a self-professed homebody that enjoys reading, watching movies and spending time with her husband and one year old daughter. 


Favorite Quote: Not so much a quote but a word – ConsistencyBria relies on consistency to make her world not only successful but peaceful. 


Favorite Local Restaurant – True Vine Southern Kitchen – their greens and their grits make her hungry just thinking about them.