Thrive Y’all | Cynthia Roman | Opportunity for All | Ep 16


With a mission to adapt, integrate, and thrive, the Latin American Association is working to create communities that promote opportunities for all its members.

Having joined LAA in 2010, Cynthia Roman serves as the organization’s Managing Director of Family Stabilization and Well-Being. From her efforts, the LAA has developed a social service component; offering Latin American residents with multiple programs to address housing, health, and hunger.

Throughout this episode, you’ll hear more about:

  • Serving as a front line for a community
  • The Latin American Association’s Family Stabilization and Well-Being program
    • Housing Stabilization program
    • Public Benefit program
    • Senior club
    • Parenting Classes
    • Support groups
  • How better tie together Spanish and English cultures
  • The importance of information and referral centers for Latin Americans
  • The Latin American Association’s new remote line
  • How to get involved with food distribution events

Resources Mentioned

The Latin American Association

Family Stabilization & Well-Being

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