Rocket IT Business Podcast | Jeremie Kubicek | Finding Peace in Chaos | Ep. 28


In this special episode of the Rocket IT Business Podcast, we have the pleasure of speaking with a Wall Street Journal bestselling author and Co-Founder of GiANT, Jeremie Kubicek. Through his passion for entrepreneurship, Jeremie has coached businesses, like Google, Microsoft, and Chick-fil-A, helping leaders truly unlock their potential for success. Now, we’re excited to have him on the show to discuss his newest written work, The Peace Index: A Five-Part Framework to Conquer Chaos and Find Fulfillment.

In this episode, you’ll hear more about:

  • How the Peace Index helps sustain balance
  • How to calculate your Peace Index
  • How to keep peace with a daily regimen
  • Strategies to counter negativity
  • How to serve as a model of peace in a chaotic world

Jeremie Kubicek Contact Information |

Resources Mentioned

The Peace Index: A Five-Part Framework to Conquer Chaos and Find Fulfillment

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