Thrive Y’all | Kayce Pearce | Continuum of Care | Ep 38

Thrive Y'all Annandale Village

Thrive Y’all | Kayce Pearce | Continuum of Care | Ep 38

Nonprofit organizations tend to be the backbone thriving communities and in this episode of Thrive Y’all, Rocket IT shines the spotlight on Annandale Village‘s Kayce Pearce to learn how the organization provides a full continuum of care for residents of Gwinnett County, North Fulton, and beyond.

Throughout this discussion, Kayce shares why its important to effectively align community leaders, potential donors, and existing residents by sharing Annandale Village’s core values.

In this episode, you’ll hear more about:

  • What it takes to oversee fundraising, development, marketing, sales, and admission aspects of Annandale Village
  • The benefits of working in the nonprofit industry
  • How mentors can help elevate a career path
  • How Annandale Village offers a “full continuum of care” for their residents
  • How Annandale Village is able to retain residents throughout their entire lives
  • The inaugural golf classic that recently raised $175,000 for the Annandale Village
  • The role of storytelling in aligning community members, residents, and potential donors
  • How Annandale Village is able to serve 190 residents annually
  • Why it’s crucial to support teammates
  • How to get involved with Annandale Village through donating, volunteering, and word of mouth
  • Annandale Village’s upcoming Extra Mile 5K Walk/Run on August 28 in Suwanee Town Center

Resources Mentioned:

Annandale Village

Donation Portal

Annandale’s Inaugural Golf Tournament

Extra Mile 5k Walk/Run