Thrive Y’all | Karen Cashion | Tech Incubator | Ep 54


Thrive Y’all | Karen Cashion | Tech Incubator | Ep 54

There’s no denying that Metro Atlanta is a hub for innovation and the city of Alpharetta is no different. With startup incubator organizations like Tech Alpharetta leading the charge, CEO Karen Cashion and her team have promoted the growth of over 700 local tech companies and counting.

In this episode, you’ll hear more about:

  • How Tech Alpharetta works to grow technology and innovation in the city of Alpharetta
  • Workshops and mentorship opportunities offered at Tech Alpharetta
  • How to spark collaboration between startups and establish tech companies
  • Types of startups that would benefit from Tech Alpharetta’s services
  • The role partnerships play in growth
  • Upcoming events at Tech Alpharetta

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Tech Alpharetta

City of Alpharetta

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