Thrive Y’all | Jennifer Cantor | Balancing Act | Ep 51


Thrive Y’all | Jennifer Cantor | Balancing Act | Ep 51

Balancing extracurriculars alongside school can be difficult. But what if a student’s passion didn’t have to take the back seat? In this episode of Thrive Y’all, Rocket IT hears how Rivers Academy Principal, Jennifer Cantor has developed a school that accommodates demanding schedules of students without compromising academic excellence.

In this episode, you’ll hear more about:

  • How Rivers Academy developed a three-day school week
  • How educators are helping students strike a balance between school and their true passions
  • Why Rivers Academy places an emphasis on time management and organization skills
  • Jennifer’s journey from a Language Arts teacher to Principal and Co-owner of Rivers Academy
  • How Jennifer achieved the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce’s Rising Star Award
  • How to know if Rivers Academy is an environment your student could thrive within

Resources Mentioned

Rivers Academy

Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce

Women INfluencing Business Awards

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