Thrive Y’all | Matthew Holtkamp |The Holtkamp Way with | Ep 1


Thrive Y’all | Matthew Holtkamp |The Holtkamp Way with | Ep 1

With the launch of Rocket IT’s new community-focused video series, Thrive Y’all, our team showcases Gwinnett County organizations that have continued to make positive impacts that ensure our community thrives. Throughout the series we’ll provide audiences with an inside look at local businesses with truly unique cultures and how innovative thinking has provided their teams with an opportunity to overcome adversities.

In this inaugural episode, Rocket IT’s Community Relationship Coordinator, Colleen Frangos has the pleasure of speaking to Holtkamp Heating & Air’s President and Founder, Matthew Holtkamp. Through their discussion Frangos and Holtkamp explore:

  • How to maintain a sense of culture while working remotely
  • The importance of holding your team to a golden standard
  • How to pivot and embrace innovation
  • How you can continue to give generously and focus your efforts on the greater needs of your community

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