Interesting Insights from 5 Million E-Mails
Baydin, the makers of an email plugin Boomerang, recently analyzed over 5 million emails that were sent and received by Boomerang’s users. Out of the ...
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Don’t Take the Bait — Practice Link Safety – Hyperlink Best Practices
The Internet is full of friendly people. There are Nigerian princes who want to give us a piece of their oil fortunes, in exchange for ...
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The Cost of Data Re-Creation and Data Recovery — And Yes, We Can Help
As I was working on some new marketing materials this week, I came across some interesting information on the cost to re-create data that had ...
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New Year, New Password
January is here, and we’re two weeks into the New Year. As we resolve to visit the gym, eat healthy and improve our finances, it’s ...
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How To Remove Dust & Air Bubbles From Your Mobile Device Screen Protector
With smartphones, iPads, and other electronic devices costing hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars, many people buy screen protectors to keep their new gadgets clean ...
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Initial Thoughts on the Apple iPad
For years I’ve waited for someone to come out with a great tablet computer. One that can do all the things my notebook computer can ...
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CHIPS Act Clears Congress to Boost Semiconductor Production | Sync Up

Aug 3, 2022

Still have trouble finding the newest tech on store shelves? Congress’s CHIPS Act aims to provide relief, potentially bringing $52 billion in funding to U.S. semiconductor manufacturers.

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Amazon Recycles Small Electronics for Free | Sync Up

Jul 27, 2022

Consumer electronics account for 70 percent of the toxic waste in landfills today. Fortunately, Amazon’s recycling program is here to help you responsibly dispose of e-waste for free.

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Hackers Impersonate Cybersecurity Firms to Trick Victims | Sync Up

Jul 20, 2022

Can you really trust your cybersecurity partner? Recent events reveal that imposters are now running amuck, posing as security experts, in hopes of breaching your network.

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Apple’s Lockdown Mode Aims to Prevent iPhone Eavesdropping | Sync Up

Jul 12, 2022

We’ve all heard the joke that technology is listening to every word we say. But, in 2022, that joke has become all too real as Apple’s new Lockdown Mode aims to prevent state-backed hackers from breaching phones and computers to secretly gather information.

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FBI Warns of Scammers Using Deepfakes in Remote Job Interviews | Sync Up

Jul 6, 2022

While it’s not uncommon for job applicants to lie on their resumes, deepfake technology is keeping HR reps on their toes as cyber criminals take on the appearance of qualified candidates in virtual interviews for remote positions.

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Microsoft Retires Internet Explorer | How to Switch Browsers | Sync Up

Jun 21, 2022

In life, all good things must eventually come to an end. Today, we say farewell to the grandfather of web browsing, Internet Explorer.

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A USB-C iPhone Next Year? | Apple Could Drop Lightening Port | Sync Up

Jun 14, 2022

Imagine a world where a single cable charges nearly every device on the market. This is what European lawmakers are hoping to achieve as a new proposal could force tech manufacturers to adopt USB-C charging.

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What’s New in CMMC 2.0 | Key Changes for Government Contractors

Jun 10, 2022

Without obtaining the DoD’s new CMMC 2.0 certificate, businesses in the manufacturing, law, and finance industries will soon find it difficult to win contracts with federal agencies. Here’s how a proactive stance on cybersecurity can help bring in more revenue.

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Owl Labs Videoconference Device Poses Security Risk | Sync Up

Jun 7, 2022

You’d expect that topics discussed behind closed doors would stay private, right? Well, if you have videoconferencing tech by Owl Labs in the room, think again as many of its cameras have been found to expose sensitive data online.

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