Outlook Easter Eggs: Discovering Microsoft’s Hidden Features

Microsoft Outlook Easter Eggs Hidden Features

While the words “Easter eggs” may spark images of brightly colored eggs, in technology, Easter eggs refer to hidden features tucked within some of our favorite software applications.

And although developers may make it difficult to find some features, Rocket IT has discovered six key features concealed in Microsoft Outlook to maximize your productivity.

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What is MyAnalytics? | Microsoft’s Work-Life Balance Solution

As many individuals continue to work from home, the fine line that once defined a proper work-life balance has blurred and the risk of burnout is all too real for many people.

Understanding this threat, Microsoft’s newest update to its MyAnalytics product provides hard-working team members with more tools to reclaim control of their schedules.

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What Happens When You Download an Email Attachment?

When opening an email and clicking the attachment held inside, do you ever think about what goes on behind the scenes; before and after that file is clicked?

If you’ve left your inbox and device unsecured, it’s likely that you click, cross your fingers, and hope you can trust the source. But let’s say you’ve invested in cybersecurity. What happens next?

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