Applicant Tracking Systems – A Better Way to Manage New Talent Acquisition

woman sitting in an office working on a computer

Applicant Tracking Systems – A Better Way to Manage New Talent Acquisition

woman sitting in an office working on a computer

Adding new talent to your team is a great growth sign in your business, but for many human resources professionals, the actual hiring process can create quite a headache. From just keeping track of the incoming applications to narrowing down your top candidates from the pool, it seems you can’t rest until an offer has been made and signed. All the while your brain might be screaming “THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY!”

When you’re looking for new talent, the applicant experience matters for all parties involved. That’s why we recommend organizations consider implementing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that will help make the process of finding your next new team member less of a headache in the most cost-effective manner possible.

The Three Benefits Of Applicant Tracking Systems

Here are three benefits an ATS offers to human resources officers to help streamline the application process.

1. A Better Way to Collect Applications

Sending all resumes to an email address is an error-filled process that spells trouble.

  • Who’s checking the account?
  • How do they know to check for updates?
  • How does more than one person check that folder effectively?
  • Can you be 100% sure that no application was overlooked?

An ATS can help you make sure all applications are collected in an easy to locate space.

2. Eliminates Wasted Time

An ATS saves everyone’s time. You can ask it to “weed out” certain applicants (for example if the position requires a certain skill, you can ask directly as a Yes/No question in the ATS) to ensure the right candidates get your time and attention.

3. It’s Better for Your Candidates

An ATS is better for the candidate too. From the minute a candidate applies to work with you, he or she is forming an opinion of the level of maturity of your organization.

A better application system helps create a more mature organization, which helps you appear as a better place to work.

Logging Off

Doesn’t an ATS sound like a better way to manage the talent process for your next new team member?

If your HR team could benefit from the implementation of an ATS, contact us. Our vCIO service does best when we help an organization feeling pain with their old processes and systems.

Contact us to learn more about how we could help you leverage this type of talent development system.

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