Southern Aluminum Finishing (Case Story)

March 23rd, 2016 by Rocket IT

You’re a global supplier
For over half a century, your family-owned and operated company has been a premier source for aluminum finishing products and services. Your technology needs to be able to keep up with you.

And your servers are aging out
When your servers need to be replaced, you have a decision. Get new hardware or make the switch to the cloud. Buying new equipment means a larger upfront cost, and you’ll run into the same issue again when that new hardware becomes outdated. To SAF, the choice was clear. Cloud was the way of the future, and their particular future lay with Amazon Web Services, thanks to Amazon’s excellent reputation.

You decide to make the change to the cloud
Once SAF made their decision to switch to the cloud, they called in Rocket IT to make the transition, and we were quickly able to migrate their servers. Switching to the cloud reduced the up-front capital costs by over 70% and gave them incredible scalability, allowing them to only pay for what they need. What could potentially lock SAF into a datacenter contract for years was turned into a far more flexible month-to-month contract.

Rocket IT handles the migration and gets everything running efficiently
Since Rocket IT moved SAF’s servers over to Amazon Web Services, they have even more customization. “It saved us tens of thousands of dollars in hardware cost, and we have much more flexibility going forward,” said Jim McClatchey, co-CEO of SAF. “It was a learning process for [Rocket IT] as well as us, but it went smoothly.”