Email A Networking File Via Hyperlink Without Attachment

Email A Networking File Via Hyperlink Without Attachment

Often, when we need to send a file to a co-worker or friend we attach the file to an email message. Instead of attaching the file and unnecessarily consuming storage space within the user’s email inbox, it’s easy to create a hyperlink in an Outlook email message that will allow the recipient to open the file directly from its location on your network.

This shortcut assumes that both users have access to the network where the file is located. Typically this would be someone within your office, or remotely connected to your network. There are two ways to insert the file shortcut or “hyperlink” within your email message.

When using either method, typically you will want to create a hyperlink for files that are located on a shared network drive, or on your “server.” If you select a file that is stored on your local computer, the recipient of the email message may have trouble accessing the file on your computer across the network.

Method 1 – Use the keyboard shortcut “Control + K”.

1. In Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010, open up a new email message.
2. Left-click on the message area to make it active.
3. Press Control + K at the same time to open the “Insert Hyperlink” box.
4. Select the “Down” arrow next to the “Look in:” drop-down menu.
5. Navigate to the folder where the file you wish to create a hyperlink to is located.
6. Left-click on the file you want to hyperlink to, and click ok.
7. Outlook will place a hyperlink to the selected file within the body of your email message.

Method 2 – Right-click on the file and drag it into Outlook.

1. Open up a new email message in Outlook.
2. Navigate to the folder where the file you wish to create a hyperlink to is located.
3. Right-click on the file, and keep the right mouse button pressed.
4. Move the mouse cursor (with the right mouse button pressed) into the body of your open Outlook email message.
5. Once a vertical cursor appears in the message area, release the right mouse button.
6. A menu will appear once the right mouse button is released. Select “Create Hyperlink Here” by clicking the left mouse button.
7. A hyperlink to the desired file will appear in the email message area.

That’s it! Now, when the recipient of your email message clicks the hyperlink, they will be working directly from the file stored on the network drive. No more worries about multiple versions of the same file.


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About the Author – Matt Hyatt is the Founder and CEO of Rocket IT, the IT department for all kinds of organizations around Gwinnett. His award-winning firm provides both the strategy and support needed to help businesses thrive.

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