Thrive Y’all | Terri Jondahl | Pursuit of Quality Improvement | Ep 57 When it comes to the manufacturing industry, a keen eye for details is necessary for long-term success. In this episode of Thrive Y'all, we ...
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Thrive Y’all | Randy Redner | Creating Family Foundations | Ep 55 Since 1985, the Community Foundation for Northeast Georgia has worked to improve the world through the power of philanthropy. And now, with CEO Randy ...
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Thrive Y’all | Joe Allen | Gwinnett Place Growth | Ep 56 Known for its internationally diverse communities, Gwinnett County has drawn the attention of businesses from around the world. Now, in an effort to continue ...
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Thrive Y’all | Karen Cashion | Tech Incubator | Ep 54 There's no denying that Metro Atlanta is a hub for innovation and the city of Alpharetta is no different. With startup incubator organizations like ...
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Thrive Y’all | Deborah Lanham | Big Ideas for Small Businesses | Ep 53 Since 2013, the Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce has served as a resource for leaders looking to partner and expand their businesses. Now, as the ...
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Thrive Y’all | Charbel Aoun | Making Mentors | Ep 52 With a variety of career paths available after high school, students often struggle when making a firm decision in the next chapter of their ...
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Building a Thriving Internship Program

Jun 9, 2015

With summer interns rolling into offices, setting them up for success is top of mind. No one wants to be known as the office that hires interns to go on coffee runs and pick up dry cleaning. We want our interns to go away with something more than a mark on their resume and ridiculously…

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rocket it employee driving to work

Mitigating the Cost of Long Commutes

May 14, 2015

Have you ever done the math on the cost of a long commute? For those of us with employees that travel to and from work every day, the costs are staggering. Consider this very common work commute scenario: Scott has a 45-minute commute to work. That’s 1.5 hours per day or 7.5 hours per week.…

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red yellow green charts

What Gets Measured Gets Done

Mar 16, 2015

There are apps for almost everything. Some wonderful. Others less so. Several of the apps play to the recently created insecurity in us all – the strange desire to get “Likes.” These apps are designed to make you strive to boosts the number of approvals your posts receive. Which begs the question: Who cares? Are…

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Planning for 100 Years of Change

Nov 21, 2013

A couple of months from now, Rocket IT will be 19 years old. As that anniversary approaches, I’ve found myself thinking more and more about our legacy. No, not legacy. Legacy is the wrong word. The future. I’ve been thinking more and more about the future of Rocket IT. One thing that is certain is…

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Take Your Monkey with You

Feb 3, 2009

This monkey hangs on the inside of my office door as a simple reminder to team members that stop by to visit. Please don’t leave YOUR monkey on MY desk.  In other words, feel free to come talk to me if you want to discuss ways to handle a problem you’ve uncovered. But don’t come…

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Six Things I Wish I’d Known When I Started My Business (and 3 Things I’m glad I Didn’t)

Jan 18, 2009

Marcia Hoeck recently asked me to name the most important thing I had learned since starting my business 14 years ago. I did not have a ready answer. I have learned so much. After I struggled to give the question justice for a few minutes, Marcia kindly offered to allow me to respond later. This…

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Ten Big Tips to Keep Your Sanity and Get Your Invoices Paid

Mar 29, 2008

Unless you run a cash-only business or started less than 10 minutes ago, chances are that you’ve experienced a past-due customer. Here are ten big tips to keep your sanity and make sure you get paid: The collections process begins with your proposal. That’s your opportunity to set clear payment expectations with your client. Include…

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