Securing Your Company’s Email: Tips for Preventing Email-Based Cyber Threats
With 90 percent of all cyberattacks now using emails as a means to breach organizations andsteal data, it’s essential to have strong business email cyber ...
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How Safe are Security Cameras? Wireless VS Wired Cameras
Although Wi-Fi enabled cameras can quickly turn your office space or home into an affordable fortress of surveillance, cameras without proper security settings increase your ...
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Protecting Your Pot of Gold | Tips for Securing Cryptocurrency
No matter if you’re searching for four-leaf clovers or wearing green hats, St. Patrick’s Day always brings a feeling of luck. Like leprechauns hiding the ...
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CD Projekt Red Breached | How to Protect Your Data
In 2020, one in four cyberattacks were the result of ransomware: a network  hijack capable of locking business out of crucial data for weeks on ...
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Microsoft Teams Features to Love
With over 4.3 million individuals working remotely on a part-time or full-time basis in the early months of 2021, it’s safe to say that one ...
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Essential Password Security | Part Three | Video Series So far in this video series, we’ve given you ground rules for better passwords and told you which ones to memorize. Now it’s time ...
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printer graphic

Five Common Printer Problems & Tips To Fix Them

May 20, 2016

Unfortunately, printers can often feel like a necessary evil. As advanced as humans have become, it seems the printer is the one technology that we can’t quite get to work as intended. Since offices aren’t yet entirely paperless, it’s impossible to work without these often pesky printers. To help you overcome the overwhelming sense of…

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Smart watch on a wrist

Keeping Fit with Technology

Mar 18, 2016

Fitness-tracking technology has come a long way from stationary bikes and those treadmills that change elevation as you run in place. From wearables to apps, and so much more in between, there’s no shortage of great ways to chart your fitness trajectory using technology. Fitness Wearables If you want to track your fitness progress, wearables…

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android phone robot on desk

Ten Cool Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Could Do

Feb 18, 2016

There are numerous cool things your iPhone can do without adding any apps. But the iPhone has nothing on what your Android phone can do natively. We’ve got the list below to prove it. Ten Noteworthy Things To Do With Your Android Phone Accidentally leave your phone in an uber? Your Android device can display…

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iphone flower pink cover

Ten Cool Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

Feb 11, 2016

You shouldn’t be surprised that there’s an app for just about everything these days, but you will be surprised by a few of these things your iPhone can do… And these are without an additional app cluttering your screen. Did you know that there’s a hidden level on your compass that allows you to use…

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Spring Clean Your Technology

Feb 4, 2016

There are so many ways technology can make your spring cleaning easier (Roombas, robot cleaning balls, using Yelp to find someone to help you out…), but when it comes to spring cleaning your technology, things get a little more complicated. I like to get a jumpstart on my spring cleaning by planning out the toughest…

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Outlook Smart Search Variables

Search Smarter in Outlook With These Tips

Dec 2, 2015

We love sharing cool features your software and tools have that you may not be aware of yet, and Outlook has a lot of them. Anyone can end up wasting a good ten minutes searching through Outlook for just the right email that was sent to them about three months ago… Time they didn’t need…

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Staying Secure While Shopping Online

Nov 25, 2015

With the rising chaos of Black Friday, more people are turning to online shopping – especially for Cyber Monday, the internet’s own version of Black Friday. So how do you keep safe while shopping online? We have a few tips to help. When shopping online, avoid using public computers and public WiFi. Those networks aren’t…

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Top Five Productivity Apps

Oct 7, 2015

Let’s be honest… Productivity isn’t always what comes to mind when we think about our favorite mobile apps. We spend more time on Facebook and Audible than we’d care to admit. But the great thing about apps is there’s one for almost everything – even for making up the time we lose scrolling through our…

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Windows 10 image

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts + General & Email Keyboard Shortcuts

Sep 16, 2015

Sometimes there simply is not enough time in the workday to accomplish everything we need to get done. Sad to say, there is no miracle cure that we can provide to squeeze more time in a day. However, there are a few simple ways to make the most of your time on a computer by…

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lady at her desk using a computer

Evaluate: What to Look for in Your Antivirus Software

Aug 6, 2015

You have a lot invested in your work computer. There’s important data, secure files, and it’s your lifeline to the office when you’re out and about. You need an antivirus program that keeps your computer safe and up to date. Sadly, a free antivirus solution isn’t going to cut it. So what should you look…

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