Securing Your Company’s Email: Tips for Preventing Email-Based Cyber Threats
With 90 percent of all cyberattacks now using emails as a means to breach organizations andsteal data, it’s essential to have strong business email cyber ...
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How Safe are Security Cameras? Wireless VS Wired Cameras
Although Wi-Fi enabled cameras can quickly turn your office space or home into an affordable fortress of surveillance, cameras without proper security settings increase your ...
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Protecting Your Pot of Gold | Tips for Securing Cryptocurrency
No matter if you’re searching for four-leaf clovers or wearing green hats, St. Patrick’s Day always brings a feeling of luck. Like leprechauns hiding the ...
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CD Projekt Red Breached | How to Protect Your Data
In 2020, one in four cyberattacks were the result of ransomware: a network  hijack capable of locking business out of crucial data for weeks on ...
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Microsoft Teams Features to Love
With over 4.3 million individuals working remotely on a part-time or full-time basis in the early months of 2021, it’s safe to say that one ...
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Essential Password Security | Part Three | Video Series So far in this video series, we’ve given you ground rules for better passwords and told you which ones to memorize. Now it’s time ...
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The Definitive Back to School App Guide

Aug 22, 2019

For those individuals who have been out of the education system for some time now, stepping into a modernized classroom may leave them feeling slightly bewildered. Where are the chalk-coated erasers, the spiral notebooks, and the crisp, red apples on the teachers’ desk? While you may be hard-pressed to find those apples in a traditional sense; one piece of technology, donning quite the similar name, has become commonplace in the classroom.

Along with its Android counterparts, the Apple iPhone has assisted in breaking down the communication barriers between students, teachers and parents. While the benefits of using a smartphone for educational purposes are readily apparent, an over-saturated marketplace of applications can make finding truly impactful apps somewhat difficult.

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Rocket IT Business Podcast | Robin Bienfait | Cyber Considerations for Growing Companies | Ep 3

Aug 9, 2019

On this episode of the Rocket IT Podcast, Matt and Eric of Rocket IT sit down with Robin Bienfait, Founder and Accelerator of Atlanta Tech Park, and CEO of Emnovate, an executive advisory firm based inside the Park’s facilities.

As an executive from AT&T, Blackberry and Samsung, Robin has both led innovation from within corporations, as well as invested herself in innovative technologies outside of these corporate hubs. Now, in an effort to share her expertise, Robin has created an ecosystem that curates innovation, engages entrepreneurs and accelerates business growth.

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Does Monitor Size Impact Productivity?

Jul 31, 2019

As the processing power of computers continues to increase, an emphasis has been placed on the speed in which individuals are able to complete standard workplace tasks.

While it is easy to assume that this escalation in productivity is directly correlated to the quickness of the PC, other technological elements may have an equally great impact on an individual’s cognitive abilities. By simply increasing the display space and resolution quality in which content is viewed, individuals may quickly find themselves adhering to a better workflow, while experiencing a greater sense of satisfaction.

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Payroll Scams: How To Protect Your Business Against Them

Jun 27, 2019

With the abundance of personal information available online, cyber-criminals can easily impersonate victims to access sensitive data. While there are a variety of methods said scammers can use to ultimately lay claim to your hard-earned dollars, few are as cunning and inconspicuous as payroll scams.

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Summer Healthy Technology Habits

Healthy Tech Habits for the Summer — And Where To Break Bad Ones

May 31, 2019

With the school year coming to a close, children and teenagers around the nation rejoice at the prospect of having extended free time and fun throughout the upcoming weeks.

For many of these vacation-bound students, a significant amount of their leisure activities will take place in a digital realm, unlike any environment their parents experienced just a few decades prior. While, from the perspective of the guardian, limiting these technology-based interactions appears to be in the best interest of the child or teen, it’s important to understand the positive and negative impacts that this management may bring about.

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Windows 10 Easter Eggs: Discovering Microsoft’s Hidden Features

Apr 19, 2019

When someone mentions the words “Easter egg”, your first thoughts may bring about imagery of brightly colored eggs, waiting to be placed in well-hidden locations. While, in the traditional sense, this is correct, the modern-era has brought about a new definition for the term. Today, Easter eggs can refer to hidden features, placed secretly within a technology’s software or hardware.

Despite most major tech developers now including some form of Easter egg in their products, Microsoft is the master of embedding helpful features deep within its Windows operating system. Now, with Windows 7 soon reaching its end-of-life, Microsoft has almost entirely shifted its focus to Windows 10, resulting in a regular stream of newly updated Easter eggs.

While some of these hidden components are simply included for novelty purposes, others have the potential to positively impact your user experience. Therefore, Rocket IT has studied Microsoft’s extensive documentation, to bring you 10 Easter eggs to maximize your productivity.

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Going Green: Decrease Organizational Tech Costs, Improve Productivity, & Embrace Social Responsibility

Mar 15, 2019

Searching for technology-driven methods to decrease organizational costs, while improving productivity and social responsibility, can sometimes feel like an unending search for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Needless to say, an organization cannot simply rely on the luck of the Irish to generate these profits. Instead, business leaders should consider implementing a series of green IT initiatives, providing their organization with a long-term foundation to achieve sustainable results.

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Ten Productivity Hacks To Get More Done

Jul 14, 2017

With everything you can do from any of your devices, technology can sometimes be more of a distraction than a help. But there are several great tools and tricks to keep you on track with your tasks. From waking up early and engaging in regular exercise to attempting to manage all of your social media…

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