Securing Your Company’s Email: Tips for Preventing Email-Based Cyber Threats

With 90 percent of all cyberattacks now using emails as a means to breach organizations andsteal data, it’s essential to have strong business email cyber security policies in place. But rather than focusing on large companies that often boast modern security measures,cybercriminals have set their eyes on small businesses. In turn, small businesses have recentlybecome…

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What’s New in iOS 14.5 | iPhone Easter Eggs

Although iOS 15 may be on the not so distant horizon, Apple’s newest iOS 14.5 update is jam-packed with helpful features that shouldn’t be overlooked. So, while iPhone fans await the expected launch of iOS 15, here are some of the best iOS 14.5 features to date.

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Protecting Your Pot of Gold | Tips for Securing Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Security Cryptojacking

No matter if you’re searching for four-leaf clovers or simply wearing green, St. Patrick’s Day always brings a feeling of luck.

Like leprechauns hiding the gold at the end of a rainbow, you want to protect not only your physical money, but also your digital currency. Here’s some tips from Rocket IT on how you can do just that.

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What is MyAnalytics? | Microsoft’s Work-Life Balance Solution

As many individuals continue to work from home, the fine line that once defined a proper work-life balance has blurred and the risk of burnout is all too real for many people.

Understanding this threat, Microsoft’s newest update to its MyAnalytics product provides hard-working team members with more tools to reclaim control of their schedules.

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Virtual Activity Ideas For Your Community During The Fourth of July

The first half of 2020 has been a little different from years past. Events, celebrations, and social gatherings have been canceled; placing a strain on those looking for things to do throughout the early months of summer. And now, as the Fourth of July quickly approaches, citizens across Gwinnett County, Georgia, and the entire United States are scrambling to find some fun and safe ways to celebrate Independence Day.  

At Rocket IT, two of our core values are to find a better way and have a blast, and this Fourth of July, we’re giving readers an inside look on some virtual activities to keep the good times afoot.  

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