What to Look for in Your Antivirus Software

August 6th, 2015 by Rocket IT

You have a lot invested in your work computer. There’s important data, secure files, and it’s your lifeline to the office when you’re out and about. You need an antivirus program that keeps your computer safe and up to date. Sadly, a free antivirus solution isn’t going to cut it. So what should you look for in a paid antivirus software?

  1. You want a high detection rate. Your antivirus needs to be able to catch threats before you even know they’re there. The solution should run regular scans frequently, and you shouldn’t always have to trigger it to do so.
  2. Look for automatic updates. You want an antivirus solution that is up to date on the newest threats before they can become a problem for you. In an ideal world, we’d all immediately update our programs as soon as we see a notification waiting in the wings. Until that happens, make it a little easier on yourself and find a solution that will do that for you.
  3. It’s important that your antivirus software be user friendly. You don’t want to have to open a manual to translate things every time you open a report. It should be easy to use and at least look simple even when it’s doing very complicated things in the background.
  4. Check for performance. Will running this software cause your system to slow down significantly? There’s not much point in having an antivirus solution that prevents you from working while it protects you. That’s like hiring a body guard that won’t let you leave the house.
  5. See if the solution provides technical support – most free antivirus programs do not come with technical support, but sooner or later you’ll come across an issue with program where you’re going to need access to the manufacturer’s support team (or even their development team). If a paid solution doesn’t offer some level of support, then it isn’t worth what you’re paying.

A really good antivirus program should have all of these things. Check the reviews to see if the antivirus is everything it says it is. Another helpful hint: also look for reputable third party certifications for verification of the claims the antivirus company makes about their solution. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask!


Darren Hooper

About the Author –

Darren Hooper is a Field Support Technician at Rocket IT. Darren is a very avid trout fisherman during the summer, and he lives in Gwinnett with his wife and their huskies. 


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