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We’ve talked a lot about the big-ticket items, like your Surface Pros and your backup solutions, and we’ve talked a bit about the really unusual gadgets… But what are those everyday tech accessories that go underutilized in offices around the world?

1. Cable ties

Cables are everywhere in offices. You can’t go more than five feet without spotting one in most offices, and in some offices, you can’t go more than five feet without tripping over a cable. With the handfuls of cables at each work station, sometimes it feels like they’re getting a little out of hand. You know what would fix that? Cable ties.

They’re small, they’re sometimes fashionable, and sometimes unusual. But they’re almost always overlooked in offices.

If your desk is starting to swim in cables, pick up a bag of cable ties. After all, a tidy desk leads to a tidy mind (I choose to believe so, anyways).

2. Computer mice with silent clickers

Click click, clickity click clack click. Ah, the chorus of the modern office. Between the clicks from your coworkers’ computer mice, the clack of their keyboard keys, and the general background chatter, the market for noise-cancelling gadgets has sky-rocketed. Those are the much-sung heroes of offices. The unsung one? Silent computer mice. They’re pretty cool, and you get to be smug about being much quieter than everyone else around (but you probably shouldn’t show it).

3. Personalized keyboards

We often underestimate the benefits of aesthetic appeal when it comes to our office accessories. We’re pretty into the Corsair K70 keyboard. Not only does it light up in different colors and patterns that you get to program (or download from pre-existing templates), but it’s much more comfortable than your average keyboard. Now this is definitely a more expensive option for customizable keyboards, but there are others out there that offer plenty of customizable options. There are even silent keyboards to match your silent mouse.

Personalizing your desk doesn’t have to end and begin with pictures and small figurines. Throw some individuality into your tech accessories.

4. Multiple monitors

Honestly, it feels a little like a scary story IT people tell other IT people around the campfire at night, but we hear there are work stations that only have one monitor.

How do people get things done?

Using a multi-monitor setup is definitely underutilized in offices. Why switch between tabs while working on data entry when you can work with two monitors showing everything you need?

5. Shortcut keys

To be fair, shortcut keys are largely underutilized because they differ between systems (and system versions) and a lot of people don’t know what they are.

Did you know you can quickly lock your computer just by pressing Windows+L? No going through the Ctrl+Alt+Del option panel just to step away for five minutes. And there are shortcut keys specifically for certain applications that would save you a lot of time! You’re probably familiar with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for quick copy-pasting in Word and other applications… But did you know you can switch from your standard calculator to a scientific calculator on Windows 10 just by hitting Alt+2?

If you’re interested in more Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts, check out our blog post.


These are only a few. If given some more time, we could come up with dozens of different office tools that aren’t used enough (or given nearly enough credit). What are the technology accessory heroes in your office?




About the Author – 

Patrick Richardt is an Inside Support Specialist at Rocket IT. He was born on Thanksgiving Day, and he currently resides with his wife and two children in Gwinnett County.


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