FBI Warns of Scammers Using Deepfakes in Remote Job Interviews | Sync Up


It’s not uncommon for job applicants to lie on their resumes. But what if technology allowed job seekers to take this as step further? A new warning from the FBI details how some individuals steal the personal information of qualified candidates and use deepfake technology to alter their appearance in virtual interviews. We’ll cover what a hack like this entails and how HR reps can remain alert as we sit down and Sync Up with your weekly technology update from Rocket IT.

Sync Up With This Week’s Technology News
In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • How cyber criminals are posing as qualified candidates
  • Deepfake methods scammers use look and sound like interviewees
  • Tips to spot a deepfake video
  • The future of deepfakes in phishing scams
Host: Chris Swinson

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