Is Your Phone Listening In? | Sync Up With Rocket IT


Is Your Phone Listening In? | Sync Up With Rocket IT

Think your phone is listening in on your conversations while it sits quietly in your pocket? That thought might just be as a recent investigation from the Washington Post claims that the smartphones of 37 human rights activists and journalists were potentially hacked using wiretapping software. We’ll take a look at this topic and address the ethics behind it as with sit down and Sync Up with Rocket IT’s technology update for Thursday, July 22nd.

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In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • What the NSO Group is and what they do
  • Software used to track the communication of criminals
  • New ways in which wiretapping is impacting smartphones
  • What can happen if spyware is installed on your phone
  • The events surrounding NSO Group, its Pegasus software, and how it may have impacted 37 notable journalists and activist
Host: Chris Swinson