Microsoft Launches Faster, Redesigned Teams App for Windows & Mac | Sync Up


Ready to accelerate your team’s productivity? Today, we’re diving into the lightning-fast world of the new Microsoft Teams app. We’ll show how you can get access to faster, smarter collaboration as we sit down and Sync Up with Rocket IT’s weekly technology update.

Sync Up with This Week’s Technology News
In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • How the new Microsoft Teams app offers up to two times faster performance, using less memory and disk space for a smoother user experience.
  • How to integrate a custom line-of-business apps and third-party applications, enhancing workflow and productivity.
  • Breakout rooms, 7×7 video display, and call queues are some of the new features enriching collaboration within the app.
  • Multi-Tenant Organizations (MTO) and Multi-Tenant, Multi-Account (MTMA) capabilities facilitate seamless cross-tenant collaboration.
  • How Copilot, powered by AI, summarizes meetings and suggests action items, optimizing productivity during discussions.
Host: Chris Swinson

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