Mechanical Engineering | Part One (Case Story)

Mechanical Engineering | Part One (Case Story)

You’re a large contractor with a strong reputation
You’re not just any HVAC company. You’re one of the largest privately-held mechanical contracting and service firms in the southeast. With a 30-year reputation for outstanding service, staying on top of customer needs is number one.

Your important files are being held hostage
Out of the blue, you get a popup on your computer screen alerting you that your files are being held hostage and demanding a sum of send money in order to get them back. You can’t care for customers without access to your data. So what do you do?

You call in Rocket IT and get your files back within hours
As soon as Shumate Mechanical notified us of the problem, we immediately put four of our top engineers on it – two onsite and two working from our office. We applied an extensive search across their networks. Within six hours we had located the virus, resolved the problem, and retrieved all of their files.

Now you have the knowledge to stay safe
We’re now providing Shumate with ongoing user education on information security to help prevent this from happening again. With 31% of cyber attacks aimed at small businesses, we do whatever it takes to make sure our clients are protected.

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