Intuit Warns of QuickBooks & TurboTax Phishing Scams | Sync Up


It’s official, tax season is finally upon us and with it comes a resurgence of scams looking to steal your hard-earned returns. But just what type of scams should you look out for? Hear what the financial software company, Intuit has to say as we sit down and Sync Up with your weekly technology update.

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In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Why Inuit customers are receiving fake emails
  • Intuit emails to keep an eye on
  • The dangers of clicking on a phishing email
  • How scammers are spoofing TurboTax login pages
  • What can happen if your QuickBooks account is hacked
  • Steps to securing your QuickBooks and TurboTax accounts
  • The difference between antivirus and EDR
Host: Chris Swinson

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