Tips to Create a Happy Work Environment

Rocket IT staff meeting in CEO's office

Tips to Create a Happy Work Environment

Rocket IT staff meeting in CEO's office

It’s no secret that employers want their teams to be happy and look forward to coming to work. Your team can be one of your greatest recruiting tools, and if they’re not feeling satisfied with the company, they likely won’t be singing your praises to others. Sure, there may be some challenging days that can make team members feel like they’ve reached their limit, but overall, you want to create an environment and culture that motivates your team, lets them know they are appreciated and increases their overall job satisfaction.

Studies are linking happiness at work with increased productivity, so if you feel you need to make a few improvements to keep your team happy, we have a few tips to share.

Collaboration & Technology

In many industries, collaboration is key to getting the job done. Fortunately, technology is available that makes working on a team a more efficient process than ever before by helping bridge communication gaps, enhancing transparency among group members, managing project work and deadlines, and more. Technology can empower your team to get the job done in a timely manner, thus helping to increase productivity. A survey conducted in the study called The Right Technologies to Unlock the Potential of the Digital Workplace revealed that workplace technology can improve productivity as well as make team members happier.

Peer-to-Peer Feedback

Peer-to-peer feedback is a great way to help your team gain valuable insight from those who best understand their role and job duties. This level of feedback further encourages collaboration among team members, builds stronger communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills, and can help team members improve their own processes and workflow by sharing ideas and learning from each other.

Team-Building Events and Office Outings

It’s one thing to say you appreciate your team, but finding ways to show them how much you value their contributions and hard work can really speak volumes and help your team be happier on the job and feel greater satisfaction in their work. Team-building events and office outings are not only great ways to show your appreciation but are also helpful for encouraging team members from different departments to get to know people they may not interact with otherwise.

Celebrate Progress

Did your team complete a project early with stellar results? Bring in a major contract? Did one of your employees complete a new degree or receive a promotion? Progress is worthy of celebration, so take time to make note of milestones big and small. Teresa M. Amabile, a leading researcher who studies the correlation between organizations and the roles team members play, says the “progress principle” has a significant effect on productivity and job satisfaction.

Work-Life Balance

It’s important to encourage a healthy work-life balance and create a culture that supports it. This can be challenging since we live in a very connected world and your team can complete their work, speak with clients, and respond to emails from anywhere, but when they are connected all the time, they can easily become overwhelmed and experience burnout that negatively affects their productivity and performance. You can encourage a healthy work-life balance by providing your team with education, finding the tools and support that help them work more efficiently, and leading by example.

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