Global Training (Case Story)

You’re busy changing the world
You have a huge vision, but a small team – and no IT department. With multiple conferences to run, a curriculum to maintain, and a global training program, they need “all systems go” all the time.

But your hard drives are failing … and you don’t even know it
Rocket IT is all about strategic foresight, not just break/fix hindsight. That’s why we invested in a leading edge tool that helps detect potential IT problems before they happen. And that’s what enabled us to detect several hard drives in “predictive failure state” for this client.

Rocket IT resolves the problem before any damage is done
Had these hard drives failed, it would have been a serious setback to the organization. Thanks to this new system, we were able to catch the problem in time. We replaced the drives under warranty before any downtime or data loss occurred.

Now you can stay focused on your mission
With Rocket IT continually monitoring their mission critical systems, this organization can stay focused on their global mission – without worrying about IT failures.

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