The Biggest Ransomware Hack to Date | Kaseya | Sync Up With Rocket IT


Over the weekend, cybercriminals pulled off the largest ransomware hack to date. And while the potential $70 million payout for these criminals may be alarming on its own, the fallout from this event serves as a warning sign for even the most well-versed of cybersecurity experts.

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In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • How Kaseya’s platforms are incorporated into IT services
  • The purpose of remote management software
  • The cybersecurity breach that took place at Kaseya
  • How the largest ransomware attack to date transpired
  • Possible Russian collusion in ongoing cyber-attacks
  • The impact of ransomware on small and medium-sized businesses
  • What businesses should do in the wake of Kaseya’s ransomware attack
Host: Chris Swinson

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