Apple to Begin Scanning iCloud Photos | Sync Up With Rocket IT


As tech developers struggle to find a balance between data privacy and the safety of their users, Apple’s newest innovation aims to help law enforcement track down content related to child endangerment by scanning your iCloud photos and the messages you receive. But while Apple’s admirable goal may be to create a platform that empowers people while keeping them safe, at what cost does this come for law-abiding citizens? We’ll take a look at this topic and more as we sit down and Sync Up with Rocket IT’s technology update for Wednesday, August 11th.

Sync Up With This Week’s Technology News

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Apple’s NeuralHash software
  • New security updates coming to iOS 15
  • Why Apple is scanning iCloud photos
  • New safety iPhone features for parents and children
  • How Apple’s decision to scan content impacts your privacy
  • How Apple’s privacy policies compare to Dropbox and Microsoft
  • Why some critics are worried about the NeuralHash detection software
Host: Chris Swinson

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