Apple, Amazon, Google, & Microsoft Pledge Billions to U.S. Cybersecurity | Sync Up With Rocket IT


From Sonic Wall to Colonial Pipeline, the collapse of critical U.S. infrastructures has become a common headline in a new age of cyber warfare. But now, the gloves are off as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon promise the White House billions of dollars to fight cyber terrorism. We’ll take a look at what this means for the security of our nation as we sit down and Sync Up with Rocket IT’s technology update.

Sync Up With This Week’s Technology News

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Meeting held between tech giants and White House officials
  • Why Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are pledging billions to assist U.S. cybersecurity
  • How these tech giants plan to develop a unified vision
  • The impact this will have on supply-chain groups
  • Apple’s plan for high adoption of multi-factor authentication (MFA) amongst suppliers
  • Amazon’s physical MFA keys
  • Amazon’s free security training resources
  • Google’s zero trust initiatives
  • Google’s plans to train 100,000 cybersecurity experts
  • Microsoft’s partnership with federal, state, and local governments
  • Updates being made to NATO’s policy on cybersecurity
Host: Chris Swinson

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