2022 Winter Olympics App Filled With Privacy Risks | Sync Up


Every four years, people around the world look forward to seeing their nation’s athletes compete in the global spotlight that is the winter Olympics. While this year’s ceremonies aren’t for a few more days, that hasn’t stopped the media spotlight as the event’s mobile app has come under fire by researchers claiming it’s a cybersecurity nightmare. We’ll take a look at why the app is so dangerous in its current state as we sit down and sync up with Rocket IT’s weekly technology update.

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In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • The privacy risks of the Beijing Winter Olympics MY2022 app
  • Private information collected by the MY2022 app
  • How researchers at Citizen Lab discovered the cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • How hackers can gain access to the Winter Olympics MY2022 app
  • What these cybersecurity risks mean for the Apple and Google app stores
Host: Chris Swinson

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