AI-Powered Bing Chat Exploited to Serve Ads Pushing Malware | Sync Up While Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing Chat is still fresh on the market, researchers have already discovered malware popping up in the responses it provides to ...
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Big Windows 11 Update Arrives with Copilot AI & New Features | Sync Up This week, PC users have something awesome to look forward to as Microsoft is releasing a huge update to Windows 11. We’ll cover some ...
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How to Implement a Successful Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Business
Disaster often strikes when it’s least suspected. You may not think your small business needs to be prepared for disruption, but almost two-thirds of businesses ...
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Facebook Messenger Phishing Scam Hits 100k Businesses A Week | Sync Up Have you ever wondered what cybercriminals do with hacked Facebook accounts? We’ll uncover how a massive network of compromised Facebook accounts is being used ...
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Chrome’s Enhanced Security Feature Protects You from Phishing | Sync Up With the number of phishing sites at an all-time high, Google Chrome’s newest update aims to make your online experience safer than ever before. ...
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Botnet Malware Tricked to Uninstall Itself on 700,000 Computers | Sync Up Is a hacker controlling your PC without you knowing? According to a new report from the FBI, over 700,000 people have been the victim ...
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woman using three monitors on her computer desk in an office with the internet

How to Choose An Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Apr 21, 2017

Setting up a new office, adding a secondary Internet connection, or replacing an expensive/poor ISP is a daunting task.  The variety of services, contract types, acronyms, and other traps in the buying process can be overwhelming and leave you stuck with a bad contract. When selecting the right ISP for your organization, there are four…

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Five Easy Steps to Capture Dead Time

Apr 7, 2017

The average cost of unplanned downtime per minute in 2016 was nearly $9,000 per incident. Your organization doesn’t have to eat the cost of dead time. Download our free whitepaper now to learn five easy steps you can take to capture dead time. From more efficient integration to beating your inbox addiction, this paper gives you…

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a room full of servers side by side

How Long Will This Server Last? A Basic Guide to the Shelf-Life of Your Organization’s Hardware

Mar 26, 2017

Technology equipment can be expensive, and many organizations try to get as much use out of their hardware as they can before replacing them, sometimes to their detriment. But how long should you really keep your equipment before the risk for failure and unplanned downtime becomes significant? Here’s a basic guide to the lifespan of…

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How to Prepare for Working Outside the Country for the First Time

Mar 10, 2017

Are you getting ready to travel outside the country? You’ve probably run down the typical checklist: give your itinerary to a trusted friend or family member so someone knows where you are, check-in with your embassy, get your passport and (if necessary) visas up to date, stay hydrated, etc. But how can you make sure…

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a man and women at a counter next to a computer laptop with a drink cup collaborating

BCC: How To Send Emails to Large Groups Without Giving Away Your Address Book

Jan 20, 2017

Have you ever received an email and winced when you saw the email addresses of about 25 other executives in the recipient line? For those of you who have been the ones sending those emails, sending one mass email to everyone instead of many individual ones is certainly the fastest and most efficient way to…

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Ten Gadgets to Keep You Warm This Winter

Dec 30, 2016

It’s been a relatively mild winter so far, but the temperatures are rapidly dropping. To help keep you focused on what’s mission critical instead of shivering in your ergonomic office chair, here are ten gadgets that will keep you nice and cozy both in and out of the office. A Heated Wrap Adjustable and warm.…

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Protecting Yourself from Phishing Attacks

Dec 22, 2016

We’ve recently seen a good number of VERY sophisticated phishing emails that could’ve resulted in significant financial loss. As phishing attempts escalate, and scammers find increasingly crafty ways to elicit money from their victims, we must stay vigilant. One clever phishing email scheme we’ve seen increasing recently goes something like this: An employee receives an…

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linkedin link screenshot

Upsurge in Phishing Activities: Don’t Take the Bait!

Dec 16, 2016

We’ve recently seen an increase in sophisticated phishing e-mails that could have resulted in significant financial loss. To help you detect the attempt before taking the bait, we’ve pulled a great article from our archives and updated it for your benefit. The Internet is full of friendly people. There are Nigerian princes who want to give…

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solid state hard drive ssd

Pros & Cons: Choosing a Solid State Drive (SSD) vs a Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

Dec 2, 2016

Whether you’re picking up a new drive for your computer or examining your options while buying a new computer entirely, there is one big decision you have to make. Do you choose a solid state drive (SSD) or do you go for the standard (and cheaper) hard disk drive (HDD or hard drive)? There are…

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