Reality Check on Leadership
Do you subscribe to the idea that specific actions produce specific results? If so, where do you look when you’re not getting the results you ...
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Take Your Monkey with You
This monkey hangs on the inside of my office door as a simple reminder to team members that stop by to visit. Please don’t leave ...
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Rocket IT Promotes Seth Giles to Security Manager

Oct 11, 2022

Rocket IT is pleased to announce the promotion of Security Manager, Seth Giles. In his newly attained role, Giles is responsible for proactively deploying and maintaining the cybersecurity measures of customers across the metro Atlanta area.

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Rocket IT Business Podcast | Jeremie Kubicek | Finding Peace in Chaos | Ep. 28

Oct 6, 2022

Finding peace in a chaotic world can be difficult. Hear how GiANT Co-Founder, Jeremie Kubicek, has helped business leaders from Google, Microsoft, and Chick-fil-A find their Peace Index and use it to sustain balance in their lives.

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Rocket IT Receives Greater North Fulton Chamber Small Business of Excellence Award

Aug 25, 2022

In recognition of its entrepreneurial spirit, dedication, hard work, and sound business practices, Rocket IT recently received a 2022 Small Business of Excellence Award from the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce.

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Rocket IT Named One of the Healthiest Employers of Metro Atlanta

Jul 18, 2022

Honoring innovative organizations that create healthy workplace programs, the Atlanta Business Chronicle has awarded Rocket IT a spot on its Healthiest Employers list.

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Rocket IT Appoints New Service Manager to Leadership Team

May 18, 2022

Rocket IT is pleased to announce the appointment of Service Manager, Adameck Collazo. In his role on the Leadership Team, Collazo is responsible for overseeing the organization’s Technical Services team and facilitating relationships with existing clients.

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Using Tech for Community Development | Rich Edinger | Thrive Y’all | Ep 59

Feb 11, 2022

Restoring community areas and local architecture requires a partner who listens as much as they plan. In this episode of Thrive Y’all, CPL Architect’s Rich Edinger shares how his team creates high-impact and resilient solutions that activate beneficial change in metro-Atlanta communities.

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Thrive Y’all | Bryan Mulligan | Tech in Transportation | Ep 58

Jan 28, 2022

With more vehicles on the road than ever before, technology has become a key component of motorists’ safety. In this episode of Thrive Y’all, President of Applied Information, Bryan Mulligan, shares how his team has begun integrating transportation tech into metro-Atlanta communities.

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Thrive Y’all | Terri Jondahl | Pursuit of Quality Improvement | Ep 57

Jan 17, 2022

When it comes to the manufacturing industry, a keen eye for details is necessary for long-term success. In this episode of Thrive Y’all, we hear how CAB Incorporated CEO, Terri Jondahl and her team have spent over 35 years relentlessly pursuing new concepts for quality improvement.

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Thrive Y’all | Joe Allen | Gwinnett Place Growth | Ep 56

Jan 3, 2022

Known for its internationally diverse communities, Gwinnett County has drawn the attention of businesses from around the world. Now, in an effort to continue this economic development, Executive Director Joe Allen and the Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District share new plans for infrastructure improvements.

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