Two Tools that Will Improve Productivity in Your Employees: Presented by GiANT Worldwide and Rocket IT

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to transfer a skill from your best employee to new hires? Or how hard it is to effectively move a business function from one team to another? How about teaching your team how to effectively prioritize tasks, which can allow them to know how and when to get around to those important “someday” projects?

Our team has found great value in the leadership tools from GiANT Worldwide, and we invited one of their experts to join us for a webinar.

Learn leadership tools to improve productivity in your employees with GiANT Worldwide, presented by Rocket IT. Take your team through the Apprenticeship Square and prioritize projects using the X-Factor.

About GiANT Worldwide:

GiANT Worldwide is a global company dedicated to leadership transformation through intentional apprenticeship.

GiANT is motivated to raise the standard of leadership around the world. They believe that if we grow humble, liberating leaders then we will have less drama and insecurity within organizations, while at the same time improving productivity and health. They want to raise up leaders who know themselves and lead themselves. Leaders who know how to calibrate high support and high challenge are able to create a culture of empowerment and opportunity.

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