With the growing risk of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) forcing many individuals to work remotely, Rocket IT and Gateway85 are committed to supporting organizational leaders as they quickly shift to a different way of running their businesses.

Using the following questions as a guide, this webinar aims to help business owners self-assess their team's ability to remain productive throughout this epidemic and beyond.

  1. Do I have a published work-from-home policy that outlines what triggers a work-from-home event?
  2. Do all team members have computers available for remote use?
  3. Do all team members have reliable remote access to my network?
  4. What happens if all of my team members try to remotely access the network at the same time?
  5. How will I handle incoming phone calls?
  6. How will I handle staff communication?
  7. How will my team collaborate and communicate while working remotely?

To download a copy of the slideshow shown above, click the link below.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give Rocket IT a call at 770-441-2520.

Together, we can thrive through this challenging time.