Westplan (Case Story)

You’ve got a lot of plates spinning

Picture this. You’re an apartment and retail investment management company with $268 million in equity under management. With over a million square feet of commercial real estate across the US and just a small team to keep everything spinning, you rely heavily on technology.

But your LoB application just broke

All of a sudden, your property management software stops working. This is a mission critical application that impacts everything from tenant and lease tracking to online marketing. You can’t run your business effectively if this application isn’t running. What do you do?

You bring in Rocket IT

That’s why Westplan called in Rocket IT to do an assessment. We went through all of their documentation software, found where something wasn’t configured properly, and fixed it. But we didn’t stop there. We also did a network evaluation and found that their backup hadn’t run in two weeks.

Now everything is running smoothly

Since Westplan hired Rocket IT, not only is their line of business application working, but they can now rest assured that everything is backed up. With IT running smoothly, the business is thriving. That’s what having a true IT department is all about.