To imagine a partnership with Rocket IT, you have to rethink how outsourced IT relationships work. Here are few ways that we provide a remarkably different experience for our clients:

You want services built around people instead of technology

You care a whole lot more about productivity, cost-savings, and happy customers than Ethernet LAN interfaces and the latest version of Windows.

We do, too. So here’s what we do:

  • Start with your people’s productivity, not just your organization’s IT
  • Package and price our solutions per person, not per device
  • Hire people who are good with people, not just technology
  • Train them to speak with your end users in plain English, not technobabble
  • Encourage them to spend time with your end users – instead of putting them on the clock
  • Have them work through all your questions – and raise the questions your end users might not know to ask

Ultimately, we build your solutions on how your team can work at the airport, how your customers interact with you online, or how your field service employees access the info they need. It’s a completely different starting place than simply asking which devices or servers you use.

You need strategic foresight, not just break/fix hindsight

Do any of these look like your priorities in the next 1-3 years?

  • We need a Strategic Roadmap so we can focus on preparing for future growth rather than spending our time repairing what we’ve got.
  • We need to identify if/when/how we should be using cloud applications in addition to or in place of our current infrastructure.
  • We need to move beyond simply knowing we have backups running to having a full accountability plan in place.
  • We aren’t interested in saving money on IT, but we are very interested in increasing revenue with IT.
  • We have invested heavily in our CRM, ERP and/or industry-specific application, but we aren’t using it to its fullest extent. We need to make better use of the tools we rely on.
  • We would like to have a more mobile workforce, but we are concerned about the potential for massive unproductivity if we haven’t properly trained and prepared for that transition.
  • We have a key component of our technology stack that is a legacy program. We can’t work without it, but it’s holding us back from staying updated with the rest of IT.

You require a new standard for trust and accountability

This is a tough one. Anybody can talk a good game. But trust is built over time. Yes, we have solid processes in place to promote accountability (such as frequent customer satisfaction surveys and regular IT planning meetings). However, as important as these processes are, they’re not really how trust is built.

Trust only comes from knowing people well – people like your colleagues and your neighbors. That’s one reason we’re so invested locally. We live, work, and play and in the neighborhoods we serve. We’re heavily involved in the Chamber of Commerce and other local organizations. We know the community. The community knows us. So even if you don’t know Rocket IT yet, one of your neighbors probably does.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a partnership with Rocket IT can help you thrive, contact us.