Security Solutions


To imagine a partnership with Rocket IT, you should rethink how outsourced IT relationships work.

What does it take to decrease your risk of downtime or data loss?


It’s worse than you think, but it’s more preventable, too.

First, there is the malicious side of IT safety. Nearly 77% of small businesses think they’re safe from cyber attacks, yet more than 40% have already been victims. What’s going on?

Cybercriminals view small businesses as an easy target. In 2013, 31% of all attacks were aimed at companies with fewer than 250 employees.

Beyond the malevolent risk, there is another danger that is easier to miss.


Small businesses make a critical mistake when put something in place and consider themselves “backed up.” However, when small businesses experience a major IT disaster, one in four never recover. They go out of business. What causes this catastrophic failure?

People assume natural disasters and the like, but the real culprits are often preventable:

  • 55% of downtime is due to hardware failure
  • 22% of downtime is due to human error
  • 18% of downtime is due to software failure
  • Only 5% of downtime is due to natural disasters

You need a solution strong enough to withstand the onslaught.


The news is coming every day – a new attack, a breach, a ransom paid.

This is not a race you can win reactively. You need the right backup solution, firewall, anti-virus, spam filtering, and more configured in exactly the right way for your environment.

Then you need a proactive team and plan in place – monitoring, maintaining, patching, and staying connected to know what is on the horizon.

Don’t have one? We do!

You need an IT security partner you can trust


Your focus should be on productivity, cost-savings, and happy coworkers – not being on constant alert about the most recent threat.

We understand, and we can help. Here’s how we give you peace of mind the next time you read about another ransomware:

  • We can own the responsibility to properly protect you from data loss and, even better, to prevent attacks from even slowing down your operations.
  • On the technology side, we monitor your equipment for abnormalities, act quickly to resolve issues, and even do quarterly test restores so we always know you’re safe.
  • But there’s more to it than that. More than ever before, every one of your people now has a security job. We can train and test them to be ready for whatever may come their way.
  • Lastly, we can document both a Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity Plan to prepare you to weather the worst.

Ultimately, we build your solutions so your team can have peace of mind and stay focused on what’s important for your future.


If you’re interested in learning more about how a partnership with Rocket IT can help you thrive, contact us.