Solutions for the Non-IT Executive

At Rocket IT, we’re on a mission to help small businesses in Gwinnett thrive through attentive and strategic technical support.

Our unique three-pronged approach includes:

Services built around the people instead of the technology.

You care a whole lot more about productivity, cost-savings, and happy customers than Ethernet LAN interfaces and the latest version of Windows. We do, too.

We hire experts who are good with people, not just with technology. Every one of our IT experts is trained to value your time, work through all your questions, and raise the questions you might not know to ask. The best part? No technobabble to translate. Our team will never waste your time with answers that aren’t presented in plain English.

Putting people first means we also price our solutions per person, rather than per device. Ultimately, we build your solutions on how you can work at the airport, or how your customers interact with you online, or how your field service teams access the info they need. It’s a completely different starting place than simply asking which devices or servers you use.

Real strategic foresight, not just break/fix hindsight.

Traditional IT support was built on a break/fix mindset. It was all about being able to react quickly when something went wrong and minimize the downtime. This is still important. But, it’s not the whole story anymore.

Companies get more done when they take a more strategic approach to IT.

That’s why we’re proactive with the health of your IT infrastructure. We have the tools and know-how to predict when, for example, a hard drive is about to fail or a server isn’t running efficiently. We deal with the problem before it happens.

We also keep up with new technologies to keep you in touch with new opportunities. We stay on top of all the best practices, so you don’t have to. You’ll hear from us the minute we see something that could help your employees work smarter, faster, or more cost effectively. (We also let you know if a trendy new technology is more hype than help.)

A better way to ensure trust and accountability.

Anybody can talk a good game. But trust is built over time. Yes, we have solid processes in place to promote accountability (such as customer satisfaction surveys and regular business reviews). However, as important as these processes are, they’re not really how trust is built.

Trust only comes from knowing people well – people like your colleagues and your neighbors. That’s one reason why we’re so invested locally. We live, work, and play in the neighborhoods we serve.

We’re heavily involved in the local chamber of commerce and other organizations. We know the community. The community knows us. So even if you don’t know Rocket IT yet, one of your neighbors probably does.

With a 98% client satisfaction rate and a 20-year track record of helping people thrive, we understand just how much earning and sustaining your trust matters.

Solutions for the Non-IT Executive

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