Keep Your Eyes on the Road. A Proactive vs. Reactive Response.


When you drive down the highway, you’re looking through the windshield at what’s coming, much more than through the rearview mirror at what’s behind you. So why focus on the rear view when it comes to your technology?

Traditional IT support was built on a break/fix mindset. It was all about being able to react quickly when something went wrong — and furiously scrambling to minimize the downtime. Of course this is still important — but it’s not the whole story anymore.

You are more productive and efficient when you’re focused on the view ahead of you rather than reacting to avoidable setbacks. This simple approach is true of the health of IT infrastructure. Look at where you’re going, and take advantage of the decreasing costs of memory, hardware and cloud-based solutions along the way.

Rocket IT wants to be your co-pilot, offering the tools and know-how to predict when, for example, a hard drive is about to fail or when a server begins running inefficiently. We simply focus on a plan to rectify the problem before it happens.

Are you ready to focus on the road ahead of you?  Download our Capture Dead Time whitepaper to learn how technology can help your organization achieve a 2.5% increase in productivity.