Keyboard Shortcuts for Your Inbox

October 20th, 2017 by Rocket IT


We’re always trying to find a better way to do things here at Rocket IT. A lot of your time as a professional is spent in your email inbox, and your email applications should work with you, not against you.

Want to be more efficient and cut down your time in Outlook and Gmail? Check out these shortcuts for actions you use all the time.

Outlook (for Macs, replace Ctrl with Command or ⌘)

Action Shortcut
New mail message Ctrl + N
Send Alt + S
Insert file in a message Alt + H, then AF
Insert link in a message Ctrl + K
Reply Ctrl + R
Reply All Ctrl + Shift + R
Forward Ctrl + F
Create appointment Alt + H, then N1
Create a meeting request Ctrl + Shift + Q
Go to the Search box F3 or Ctrl + E
Expand the search to include all items Ctrl + Alt + A
Switch to Mail Ctrl + 1
Switch to Calendar Ctrl + 2
Switch to Contacts Ctrl + 3
Switch to Tasks Ctrl + 4
Add bullets Ctrl + Shift + L

Gmail (for Macs, replace Ctrl with Command or ⌘)

To utilize Gmail keyboard shortcuts, you need to enable this feature by going into your Gmail Inbox settings using the gear symbol in the upper right corner.

Action Shortcut
New mail message C
Send Ctrl + Enter
Insert a link Ctrl + K
Reply R
Reply All A
Forward F
Archive conversation ] or [
Go to search bar /
Add conversation to tasks Shift + T
Switch to Mail G + I
Switch to Contacts G + C
Switch to Tasks G + K
Switch to Sent Messages G + T
Switch to Drafts G + D
Decrease text size in a message Ctrl + Shift and –
Increase text size in a message Ctrl + Shift and +
Add bullets Ctrl + Shift + 8
Add numbered list Ctrl + Shift + 7
Add quote Ctrl + Shift + 9
Remove formatting Ctrl + \


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About the Author – 

Emily Connolly is the Project Coordinator at Rocket IT. She graduated from Auburn University and has extensive project management. Emily works directly with our vCIO and the Projects team to provide key strategic insight to our clients. 


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