When Reality Hits: Adding a CIO to your team.


Is your business growth creating the need for more strategic technology decisions — the kind of decisions that a Chief Information Officer should make? You may be like many of Gwinnett’s companies — on the verge of making a hire, but not yet ready to commit to a full-time executive to fill that need.

Rocket IT understands your need, and offers our virtual CIO; a low-cost, high-value alternative that allows you to move confidently forward toward your brightest future, with lower risk.

What is your reality?

Answer these 6 questions to determine your company’s fit with a vCIO:

  1. Do I need one key person to help our executive team make smart decisions about technology?
  2. Do I believe that technology can help us make better business decisions?
  3. Is the person currently in charge of IT overwhelmed or not even in their “sweet spot?”
  4. Is the type of help we need outpacing the abilities of our current IT provider?
  5. Do I ever have the feeling I could be using my current technology much more efficiently?
  6. Are my employees unable to work efficiently and get in to a state of ‘flow’ because of technology problems?

If you answered YES to all or most of these questions, it’s worth your time to consider a vCIO.

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